Timothy Davison is a wildlife artist, educator, and speaker. This native of Wahoo, Nebraska has traveled extensively throughout the United States while working with not-for-profits, zoos, and wildlife rescues. In doing so, he has worked with a multitude of animal ambassadors, and has spoken to over a million people about conservation and sustainability.

Texas Bluebird - Square
Yellowstone Raven -Square
Bison Looking Back - Square
Pierre Pheasant - Square
The American Eagle - Square
Occoquan Eagle - Square
The Birds and the Bees - Square
Ocelittle - Square
Tiger-Striped Longwing - Square
Blue Morpho - Square
Wood Duck - Square
Magnificent Frigate - Square
Polar Bear - Square
Flamingo - Square
Flamingo Walking on the Beach - Framed - Angled Up
moorish idol
Caribbean Reef Shark
Sea Lion - Background
Green Sea Turtle
Lilac Roller
King Penguin Walking
King Penguin Portrait
Blue Pelican
Watercolor Horse
Flamingo Walking
Yellow Tiger
False Clown Fish
False Clown Fish
The Purple Elephant
Black and White Mustang
Galloping Mustang
Mustang Feet
Mustang DNA
Dark Crow
Flying Crow
As The Crow Flies
Half Zebra
Half Leopard
Half Giraffe
Half Giraffe
Half Leopard
Half Lioness
Hopeful Monkey