Timothy Davison is a wildlife artist, educator, and speaker. This native of Wahoo, Nebraska has traveled extensively throughout the United States while working with not-for-profits, zoos, and wildlife rescues. In doing so, he has worked with a multitude of animal ambassadors, and has spoken to over a million people about conservation and sustainability.

Wood Duck

Homosassa Wood Duck

6″ x 11.5″

Oil on Wood

The oldest recorded Wood Duck was 22 years and 6 months. Unlike other duck species, they nest in holes in trees and ducklings can fall from over 50 ft. Without getting hurt. These resilient and beautiful waterfowl can be found from coast to coast across North America, I spotted this guy in a swampy Cove of the Homosassa River on the Nature Coast of Florida.

Wood Duck - Unframed
Wood Duck - Framed
Wood Duck - Framed - Angled Left
Wood Duck - Framed - Angled Right
Wood Duck - Framed - Close Up


Pierre Pheasant - Square