Timothy Davison is a wildlife artist, educator, and speaker. This native of Wahoo, Nebraska has traveled extensively throughout the United States while working with not-for-profits, zoos, and wildlife rescues. In doing so, he has worked with a multitude of animal ambassadors, and has spoken to over a million people about conservation and sustainability.

Tiger-Striped Longwing

Tiger-Striped Longwing and Planet Earth

10″ x  12″

Oil on Wood

The Tiger-Striped Longwing (Heliconius ismenius). These butterflies roam from Southern Mexico all the way to Ecuador and Venezuela.

To protect themselves from predators, they, along with several other species of the same genus, have evolved an amazing adaptation to advertise their toxicity if eaten. Known to biologists as Müllerian mimicry, all of these butterflies have “tiger” stripes on their wings to let predators know to stay away and look for dinner elsewhere.

It’s true, that a butterfly can also be a badass. As an artist, I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition to put this butterfly atop our planet as though it’s protecting it from the multitude of dangers we all face today.

Tiger-Striped Longwing - Framed
Tiger-Striped Longwing - Framed - Angled Right
Tiger-Striped Longwing - Framed - Angled Left
Tiger-Striped Longwing - Framed - Closeup 1
Tiger-Striped Longwing - Framed - Closeup 2


The Birds and the Bees - Square
Blue Morpho - Square
Pierre Pheasant - Square