Timothy Davison is a wildlife artist, educator, and speaker. This native of Wahoo, Nebraska has traveled extensively throughout the United States while working with not-for-profits, zoos, and wildlife rescues. In doing so, he has worked with a multitude of animal ambassadors, and has spoken to over a million people about conservation and sustainability.


The Birds and the Bees

This video, and the painting you’ll see, were created to help benefit African Black Footed Penguins with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The Texas Bluebird

At the Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas, Texas, I learned how both a piece of land, and a bird species can come back from the brink.

Moorish Idol

With one day left in Hawaii, I tour Oahu and do my favorite things. Catch a sunrise, then snorkel with fish, eat some fish, and then paint a fish. Ahh, it was a good day.

Stink Bugs

Our tiny home was once invaded by these stinky, yet adorable bugs.


In 2015, I was forced to overcome my fear of bats. In the process, I grew to appreciate them more than I ever thought I would.

The Lost GoPro

After witnessing a historic anchovy migration off the La Jolla coast, I lost my GoPro. This is the story about how I got it back, and thanked the person who found it.

Art Farm

One epic summer in San Diego, I worked for the coolest summer camp ever: Art Farm.

The Kiger Mustang

A commissioned painting led me to jumping in a ring with a mustang. Afterwards, I learned all about the history of this unique breed of wild horse.

The Black Widow

After moving to sunny San Diego, I needed an art studio. I found an authentic Filipino tiki hut that came with a whole lot of spiders. This is the story of a native and invasive species of arachnid, and how to get rid of both.