6″ x 12″

Oil on Wood Panel

This painting was a gift for an animal trainer friend of mine who works with marine mammals. This piece seems to highlight the mystery that the ocean and these animals hold. Whether it’s their environment, or meanings behind their behaviors, or their vocalizations, there is still so many unknowns with species like the beluga.

These arctic whales don’t have a dorsal fin, and are born gray. They slowly turn white by the age of 8. This is where they get their awesome name : beluga. Which comes from the Russian word for white, ‘bielo’. On the other hand, this painting only took a few hours,and came out amazing. The reference photo is from an article from the Vancouver Aquarium .

Belugas also gregarious, playful, and creative. Belugas are known as the “canaries” of the ocean because they sing so much, AND when given the opportunity in captivity they can create incredible paintings. Now that’s a #creativeanimal