Occoquan Eagle

5 1/2″ x  12 1/2″

Oil on Wood

The Bald Eagle is back from the brink of extinction. In 1963, there were 417 nesting pairs, today there are more than 10,000. It was a true example of how lawmakers can produce good legislation to make real and lasting change when the government made it illegal to kill eagles, and later the EPA banned the pesticide DDT which built up in the bird’s tissues and made eggshells too weak to support parent’ weight while incubating. The same EPA that our current legislators are speaking about defunding. Protecting the environment isn’t just good for our national bird, it’s good for our nation.

In spring 2017, I had a blast photographing bald eagles just south of Washington D.C. in Mason Neck State Park. Special thanks to Stephanie, Laurie, and Dee for putting up with me taking so many photos – only one of which turned into this painting. Some of the rest made it into the video:

Occoquan Eagle - Framed