“Birds and the Bees” – Matted Print


“Birds and the Bees”

Open Edition Photographic Print


This brightly colored painting of an African black-footed penguin and a bumble bee began as an original oil painting, but in the end, it helped save one of the species it depicts.

When people think of penguins, most think of frigid temperatures of Antarctica, but these warm-weather penguins are native to the coast of southern Africa. These charismatic birds are most known for their vocalization that almost sounds like a donkey, giving them the nickname, “Jackass Penguin”. In recent years however, they have faced many problems in the wild – including overfishing, predation by domestic and invasive species. Most importantly, their guano (or nutrient-rich poop) can be used as a highly effective fertilizer. What is the downside of harvesting African penguin guano? These birds need it to build their nests. No guano = No baby penguins.

In 2010, they were officially declared endangered. But in 2016, The Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s S.A.F.E. program had a plan to build artificial nest boxes and held a crowd-funding campaign to pay for it. Tim donated this original painting and a series of prints to help out. Thus far the boxes have been wildly successful, and in 2019, Tim and his wife Stephanie are going to South Africa to visit the penguins and help install more nest boxes. Follow on Instagram to keep up, or to learn more and find out how you can be involved:


Or Watch Tim’s Video:


“Birds and the Bees”

Open Edition Photographic Print

– Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper

– Image Dimensions : 7″ x 9″

– Mat Dimensions : 11″ x 14″

– Matted in Flat Black – White Core

– Comes in Crystal Clear Protective Sleeve

– Free Shipping





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