“Catalina Wingspan” – Matted Print


“Catalina Wingspan”

Open Edition Photographic Print


Tim has spent countless hours working with birds like Salsa, the model for this painting. He is a Catalina Macaw who lives and educates at America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College, in Moorpark, California. He is an ambassador animal, meaning that he greets and interacts with the public an is a representative for macaws that aren’t so personable and charismatic. His job is to teach – both the public and to help train future zoo keepers.

Just like them, Tim has learned a lot from parrots like Salsa, but his favorite lesson: How to be a good friend. Parrots are gregarious animals, and can actually die from loneliness. Incase you’re wondering, parrots are NOT great pets. For multiple reasons. Once upon a time, Salsa was someone’s pet. Just like so many parrots, he eventually had to find a new home. So, if you want to befriend a parrot, the easiest way is to volunteer at your local rescue or zoo – but if you wanna be a true friend of parrots – donate money to habitat restoration. In 2018, the macaw species that inspired the movie “Rio”, the Spix’s Macaw was declared officially extinct in the wild in South America (along with several other parrot species). The reason? Habitat loss because of deforestation.

“Catalina Wingspan”

Open Edition Photographic Print

– Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper

– Image Dimensions : 7″ x 7″

– Mat Dimensions : 12″ x 12″

– Matted in Flat Black – White Core

– Comes in Crystal Clear Protective Sleeve

– Free Shipping





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