“Fuchsia Flamingo” – Matted Print


“Fuchsia Flamingo”

Open Edition Photographic Print

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The Flamingo is one of the most recognizable birds on our planet. But when you really look at their beak… it’s weird… but amazing. It works like an upside down strainer. They use their large, webbed feet to stomp around in the mud and kick up small aquatic plants and animals. Once kicked up into the water, they use their beak to strain the food from the muddy water. And while they’re using this sweet beak to eat, they make a low, “gabbling” noise – almost like they’re saying, “Nom nom nom..”

Some of their prey, like crustaceans, have carotenoid pigment in their shell – like carrots – pink and red shells give flamingo feathers their pink coloration.

To create this painting, Timothy first took a photo of this individual flamingo at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. To balance the Caribbean blue of the ocean background and the bright pink of the flamingo’s feathers, he used purpleish-fuchsia to bring the two together in the swirls and feathers to symbolize how inextricably connected these birds are to their watery habitat.

Did you know that the American Flamingo is the only species native to North America (there are six), but it’s rarely seen in the United States?


“Watercolor Tiger”

Open Edition Photographic Print

– Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper

– Image Dimensions : 5″ x 10″

– Mat Dimensions : 8″ x 14″

– Matted in Flat Black – White Core

– Comes in Crystal Clear Protective Sleeve

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