“Raven the Chimpanzee” – Matted Print


“Raven the Chimpanzee”

Open Edition Photographic Print


Meet Raven the chimpanzee; she lives at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore with the rest of her troop. One of her caretakers, Carolina, helped Raven start this piece by giving her a paintbrush loaded with the bright colors you in the background. Once the paint dried, Tim took over and painted her portrait on top.

According to Carolina, “Raven is incredibly intelligent. She was the first chimpanzee born at the zoo, and she was also the first chimp to successfully allow a voluntary blood draw in the history of the zoo. She is 22 years old, and is a chimp’s-chimp. This means, she rarely interacts with humans, but when she does, it’s always very special.”

Chimpanzees are an endangered species. Only about 150,000 chimpanzees survive in African forests today (down from one to two million in 1900.) AZA accredited zoos, like The Maryland Zoo, help chimp conservation through their educational programs, as well as increasing genetic diversity through their S.S.P. Program (Species Survival Plan), and through funding in-situ programs in Africa to curb illegal hunting, deforestation, and disease.
Learn more: https: http://www.aza.org/ape-conservation


“Raven the Chimpanzee”

Open Edition Photographic Print

– Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper

– Image Dimensions : 7″ x 9″

– Mat Dimensions : 11″ x 14″

– Matted in Flat Black – White Core

– Comes in Crystal Clear Protective Sleeve

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