“Seagull on Station #4” – Matted Print


“Catalina Wingspan”

Open Edition Photographic Print


Seagulls are fascinating birds, even though most people don’t give them much credit for their awesome-ness. Tim is always excited to highlight animals that most people aren’t interested in, and then tell you why they are so important and deserve a second look.

Depicted in this colorful painting is a Western Gull in bright, sunset colors. They are a common sight along the west coast from Baja to Washington state, but rarely go inland. Speaking of sight, they are one of the few types of birds that can move their eyes in the socket (most birds have to move their whole head to look around.) Western gulls like to nest on rocky cliffs on offshore islands. Locally, they have large colonies on Santa Barbara and Anacapa Islands, and there are actually many more females than males. Some females pair bond with other females and will raise their young together. A recent study showed that upwards of 14% of Western Gull females are in long-term relationships with the same sex.

This gull was photographed by Tim on Stearn’s Wharf in Santa Barbara. At the end of the wharf, there is a small weather data station with a large #4 sign on it – this gull was perched on top. This allowed Tim to capture the gull from below, creating this rare and unique perspective.

“Seagull on Station #4″

Open Edition Photographic Print

– Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper

– Image Dimensions : 7″ x 7″

– Mat Dimensions : 12″ x 12”

– Matted in Flat Black – White Core

– Comes in Crystal Clear Protective Sleeve

– Free Shipping





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