The Birds and the Bees

12″ x 24″

Oil on Wood

The African Penguin’s call earned them the nickname, “Jackass Penguin”, some say it’s ugly, but it’s music to my ears. We recently filmed these penguins at the @marylandzoo and were able to tour their state-of-the-art Penguin Coast exhibit. These guys are rockstars at breeding these endangered penguins. But, in the wild, these penguins need some help when it comes to breeding. These penguins line their best with guano, but people harvested the guano for fertilizer. Unintentionally, they doomed the penguin chicks of the future. So, @zoosaquariums is spearheading a campaign to produce artificial nests and deploy them on the beaches of South Africa and Namibia. Though the original is sold, prints of this painting are available on their @kickstarter campaign. The money raised from “The Birds and the Bees” will go to help save these awesome birds from extinction.

The Birds and the Bees - Framed